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Winston's albums can be ordered on-line through CD Baby and many other sites, or special ordered at most brick and mortar stores. Downloads are available through most sites. Here are links to two of the most popular:

Winston's iTunes page: Winston Apple

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Winston Apple is a singer/songwriter, a dynamic performer, a recording artist (both audio and video) and a political activist.  He performs solo, with a couple of different backing groups ("Winston Apple and the Two Tones" and "The Winston Apple Banned"), and as a performance artist ("The Winston Apple Show" is a mostly musical, multi-media performance art project consisting of a delightful combination of live performance and music video; featuring both original songs and unique versions of cover songs; and including a dash of comedy and elements of dance).

Some of Winston's songs are overtly political in nature, some are spiritual, and others deal with the more typical topics of popular music (love and love gone wrong).  Depending on the venue and the nature of the audience, he can do sets that consist completely of either cover songs or original material, as well as any combination of either political or non-political songs.

Winston is also actively trying to make the world a better place through non-musical activities.  He is the founder of "Workfare Incorporated" (a not-for-profit organization raising money to put people to work on socially useful projects designed to combat the effects of global warming and speed the conversion to clean, renewable sources of energy).  

Through his "Voter Education Project" and "Direct Democracy Initiatives" he is attempting to empower and organize voters with the goal of improving the quality of government in the United States.  To this end, he is organizing Town Hall meetings around the country.

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